CNN: Does Hagel Have Something to Hide?

CNN: Does Hagel Have Something to Hide?

Reporting on the fact that Chuck Hagel’s correspondence from his years as a Senator are sealed from public view, CNN raises points out that “some” are “wondering  if he might be hiding something in those files.”

Those files contain legislative material, which includes “speeches, memos, handwritten letters, photos and other correspondence Hagel accumulated during his twelve years in office.”

The files are stored at the University of Nebraska, and the secrecy surrounding them came under scrutiny when a reporter who tried to access them by was stopped by university administrators.

According to CNN, university administrators said the files are off-limits because they are being archived, and that archival process isn’t finished yet: “Once the archive is processed and indexed, according to the standards and best practices of the Society of American Archivists, they will be open to the public.”

The problem is, Hagel’s confirmation will have long since passed by the time files are opened.  Earlier this month, 25 Senators said they will hold up the Hagel nomination until he turns over information on compensation he has received from foreign sources. So far, Hagel has refused to comply.

Meanwhile, the University of Nebraska is preventing access to papers, memos, speeches, and letters written by the embattled Defense Secretary nominee because it would be allegedly inconvenient for university administrators.  Now even CNN is raising questions about Hagel’s lack of transparency. 


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