ABC News Memory-Holes First Lady Gun Gaffe

ABC News Memory-Holes First Lady Gun Gaffe

While we’re all thrilled Robin Roberts is well enough to return to her job at ABC’s Good Morning America, it is a shame that the same old beat goes on when it comes to protecting the Obamas.

Roberts interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama today about many topics First Ladies are normally asked about, but when it came to the heinous murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, the young girl shot down in a Chicago park just days after performing at President Obama’s inauguration, the network edited out a likely gaffe — and what would’ve been a real story — made by Mrs. Obama.

As Charlie Spierling of the Examiner reports, in the ABC News write up and transcript of the interview, while pushing for gun control, the First Lady claims Hadiya was “caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons they didn’t need[.]”

Except, we don’t know that the weapon used was an automatic weapon, and the chances that it was are highly unlikely. What is likely, however, is that Hadiya lost her young life being at the wrong end of a gun Obama has no interest in banning or restricting: a handgun.

In their never-ending crusade to protect Obama, though, ABC News memory-holed the First Lady’s gaffe during  the broadcast of Good Morning America. If you watch video of the segment here you’ll see that the First Lady makes no reference to automatic weapons and that the way in which the segment is edited backs up the claim that section was removed by ABC News.

If this indeed did happen, let’s give Michelle Obama a little credit. The woman is not dumb, and it’s a brilliant move on her part to attempt to conflate the death of this child to her husband’s gun grab. It’s dishonest as hell, but still genius.

ABC News, Robin Roberts, and Good Morning America, however, were likely attempting to protect the First Lady from herself, knowing the comment would result in ridicule and/or criticism over her lack of honestly.

In other words: ABC News chose to protect Michelle Obama over what would have been an attention-getting story.

Hey, MSM, you think stuff like this is why Obama treats you like low-level employees in the stenography pool? You think maybe that, because the Obamas know you will sell your own credibility on their behalf, they know they can take you for granted?

No one respects sycophants, geniuses.


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