Media Protects Obama From Post-Sequester Poll Collapse

Media Protects Obama From Post-Sequester Poll Collapse

Last month when Obama’s poll numbers were soaring after winning the first round of budget battles with Congress, the media was falling all over themselves to report on those. But now that Obama’s numbers are tanking in the wake of his and his media’s failed Chicken Little-ing of sequester, we’re hardly hearing a peep  from the ObamaMedia.

Today, thanks only to Daniel Doherty at Townhall, I came across a new Marist poll that has Obama underwater in approval, 45-48%. Those are his worst numbers in over a year,  and confirm what we’re seeing from other polling firms.

In worse news for the White House and its media, when it comes to handling the deficit, Marist shows that  Congressional Republicans are favored over Obama 44 – 42%.

Marist isn’t the only pollster to reflect this collapse. Except for one day at fifty, Gallup has polled Obama consistently under fifty since the end of February, and the latest Quinnipiac poll has Obama underwater, 45-49%. As of today, Obama’s Real Clear Politics average has him at 48.3% approve, down from 51% at the end of February.

The media knows that any Narrative about Obama’s fall from grace with the public will only undermine his political capital all the more. So rather than act like journalists and report on a real story, the media instead conspires together in silence, hoping they can ignore reality long enough to ride it out.

If their guy is going to transform America, he’s going to need the Palace Guards to guard his palace, which is exactly what we’re seeing now.



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