Government Workers Exempt from Washington Post Paywall

Government Workers Exempt from Washington Post Paywall

Though no date or amount has been specified, the Washington Post announced Monday that it is in the process of installing a paywall that will require readers to pay a monthly fee after they have accessed 20 articles in a single month. Those who already pay for home delivery will be exempt from the charge, as will those in the military, students, teachers, military personnel, and government employees.

Apparently, on top of benefits most of us only dream of (but still pay for) — pensions, Cadillac health plans, every. single. holiday. off. — the Washington Post believes our poor, struggling government worker-class needs yet another benefit: a free pass behind the paywall.

When you consider the fact that most of us work through April 17 to pay our taxes, doesn’t everyone qualify as a government worker?

The Post is still deciding on the amount it will charge. Whatever that charge is, just know that part of what you’re paying is subsidizing that privileged class known as The Government Worker.


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