NRA Defeats Media: Assault Weapons Ban Goes Down In Flames

NRA Defeats Media: Assault Weapons Ban Goes Down In Flames

Monday afternoon a disappointed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA-Dem) announced that her bill to ban assault weapons would not make it onto the floor of the Senate for a vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted it had zero chance of passing, which is astonishing when you look at how much political capital our totally objective, completely-unbiased, not-at-all liberal media spent to ensure a nationwide gun grab would become the law of the land.  

Literally, within minutes of the Sandy Hook massacre, the media had coordinated a Narrative attacking what they describe as assault weapons. The push for gun control was on, and this time it was for real — or so the media deluded their bubbled selves into thinking.

I saw all of this happen in real time. Online and over the broadcast networks, and you could immediately see the zeal in the media-collective’s eyes. What these anti-civil rights gun-grabbers saw was a major opportunity to exploit a tragedy for political gain, and exploit it they did.

Eventually, CNN’s utterly shameless Piers Morgan would become the poster boy for this media exploitation, but in reality it was everywhere. And every bit as aggressive as what we saw from President Obama and Democrats.

The media’s lowest point (credibility-wise) came when NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre announced his plan to protect school children from gun violence — a plan that did not include gun-grabbing. This was a rare moment when the media as a whole ripped away its phony mask of objectivity to bare their left-wing fangs. If it was possible to bottle irrational hate that day, the media would’ve powered Las Vegas for a thousand years.

The media’s most pathetic moment came with all its “Sandy Hook is different” talk. This was an epic miscalculation in assuming shameless and dishonest appeals to emotion would somehow override America’s embrace of civil liberties and a God-given right to protect ourselves.

This was also a case where the media’s coordinated Narrative wasn’t able to shout down facts coming from New Media: Handguns kill a lot more people than so-called assault weapons — why no ban on those? Why are cities with the strictest gun control laws dealing with the most gun murders? No proposed law would’ve prevented Sandy Hook. And so on…

Ultimately, the media and Democrats showed their true colors by ignoring Hollywood violence and issues of mental health in order to focus exclusively on the least deadly guns in America — assault weapons. In other words, New Media exposed Obama and the media’s true agenda. This wasn’t about saving lives, it was about yet one more divisive cultural battle launched against a harmless Republican-leaning gun culture.

 On the micro-level of our cherished Bill of Rights, the media’s epic failure here is wonderful news.

On the macro-level, it’s even better news to know the media’s powers to manipulate American opinion are not unlimited.


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