Piers Morgan, Erin Burnett Crash CNN Primetime Ratings

Piers Morgan, Erin Burnett Crash CNN Primetime Ratings

While he was shamelessly demagoguing the fresh graves of Sandy Hook Elementary victims, Piers Morgan could at least brag that he had the top ratings at, uhm, CNN.

No more. Last week, Anderson Cooper beat Morgan in total viewers and in the 25-54 demo more times than not.   

Morgan’s total ratings are bad enough, but in the all-important 25-54 demo, he’s a certified disaster. Here are Morgan’s numbers in that particular demo for all of last week:

Thursday, March 14 – 89,000

Friday, March 15 – 120,000

Monday, March 18 – 78,000

Tuesday, March 19 – 135,000

Wednesday, March 20 – 97,000

For comparison, here are the 25-54 numbers for “Hannity” during that same time: 288, 286, 254, 378, 304.

Even MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is killing Morgan: 267,  206, 287, 246, 240.

Since Morgan is so hot to use dead children to boost ratings, maybe he should cover the Philadelphia abortion doctor currently on trial for murdering seven babies. Oh, that’s right, that would be anti-Narrative and require real moral courage on Morgan’s part.


Erin Burnett is also a disaster in that demo:

Thursday, March 14 – 171,000

Friday, March 15 – 88,000

Monday, March 18 – 115,000

Tuesday, March 19 – 116,000

Wednesday, March 20 – 58,000

The 25-54 numbers for her competition at Fox (Shep Smith) come close to tripling her on some days: 242, 227, 294, 271, 256.

MSNBC’s “Hardball” beat her every day but one: 140, 142, 194, 142, 161.


The scuttlebutt is that Burnett is going to be moved into outgoing Soledad O’Brien’s morning slot to co-host a morning show with Chris Cuomo. That sounds like the smart call. But…

How do you solve a problem like Piers Morgan?

How do you fix a clod who’s going down?

How do you find a word that means Piers Morgan?

A buffoon! A demagogue! A clown!

If I were CNN chief Jeff Zucke,r I would move Jake Tapper to Burnett’s spot, pay Al-Jazeera whatever they want to take on Piers Morgan’s contract, and teach Wolf Blitzer about the concept of voice modulation.



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