ABC's 'Nightline' Takes Aim at Glock Handguns

ABC's 'Nightline' Takes Aim at Glock Handguns

On March 22 ABC’s Nightline did a segment focused on how Glock handguns are the scourge of the anti-gun world. 

Before the segment started, anchors teased it as being framed around America’s love for the Glock. But once it began, they criticized the way Glock advertises it pistols and the way Glock refurbishes and sells used pistols. Throughout the segment, every time legal uses of a Glock were highlighted, the anchor made sure to point out facts like “Congressman Gabby Giffords was shot by a Glock in Tuscon,” and “Adam Lanza carried a Glock into Sandy Hook Elementary.”

The segment opened by showing a Glock commercial where a girl, living alone, pulls a Glock 9mm to defend her life as an attacker tries to get through her door. In the commercial, the attacker comes through the door only to freeze in fear when he sees the woman standing there with a Glock pointed at him. 

Throughout the commercial, the Nightline anchor interrupted to interject statements like: “In the real world, one study found that women living with a gun are almost 3 times more likely to be shot to death.”

Did Nightline stop to think about how sexist this claim was before they made it? The implication is that women either don’t know how or aren’t even capable of handling a gun.

After this, Nightline whined about how Glock had found a legal way around the first “high capacity” magazine ban associated with the 1994 “assault weapons” ban. That ban allowed anything that had already been manufactured before the ban to be sold and Glock had wisely stockpiled a large amount of product that they were able to continue moving to customers legally. 

Nightline’s criticism then turned to Glock’s police firearm trade-in program: a program Nightline admitted is “perfectly legal.” 

This program allows a law enforcement officer to trade in his or her old Glock for a newer one. Although this is a tremendous, money-saving benefit for police officers and police departments throughout our country, Nightline’s report on it focused on how the old guns are then sold “on the open market.” 

And instead of seeing how this also benefits American citizens who might not be able to afford a new Glock but can afford a used one with which to protect their families, Nightline made this point: “You have to think there’s a possibility that a cop could have his old Glock pointed at him at some point.”

How desperate can the gun-grabbing criticism get?

The truth that Nightline didn’t bother reporting is that Glock makes some of the most dependable, long-lasting, and easy-to-use handguns in the history of firearms. And the fact that their executives are smart enough to outwit gun-grabbing Democrats is just icing on the cake as far as American gun owners are concerned.  


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