NBC News' Sharpton: Criticism Of Bloomberg Anti-Semitic

NBC News' Sharpton: Criticism Of Bloomberg Anti-Semitic

Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC opened up a brand new line of attack on American’s trying to retain their 2nd amendment rights.  We’ve already grown accustomed to being called “racist” for opposing the president on gun control, tax and spend, big government, Obamacare, you name it… but now we learn, thanks to the NBC News morning show, that Americans criticizing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his virulent opposition to individual gun ownership is rooted in, wait for it: Anti-Semitism! 

That’s right… you may think you oppose Michael Bloomberg’s extreme position on gun ownership based on constitutional principles or on an intellectual basis or based on sound reasoning rooted in the ideals of self-defense and individual freedom… but you’re wrong.  You really oppose Bloomberg because you hate Jews! 

And how brilliant is it for NBC News to use their resident expert on anti-Semitism, Al Sharpton, to make the case.  After all, with his famous comments about “diamond merchants, and the riots he inspired in Crown Heights and Harlem against Jews, he truly is an expert on the subject.  Sharpton knows Jew haters when he sees them.  


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