CNN's Morgan Exploits Grieving Mother Of Slain Toddler To Slam America

CNN's Morgan Exploits Grieving Mother Of Slain Toddler To Slam America

Piers Morgan appears to have a pretty low opinion of America, and Americans for that matter. He seems to have staked his entire American broadcast career on the gun issue and criticizing America for our desire to retain our right to bear arms without undue governmental interference.  

For Morgan, it appears the desire to score points in the gun debate far exceeds any sense of taste or decorum.  Case in point: Monday night’s Piers Morgan Tonight featured a grieving mother whose 13-month-old son was killed during an attempted robbery last week.  The toddler was shot to death by two thugs while he was sitting in his stroller.  

Morgan inexplicably saw this interview as a moment to make a larger point about guns and about our nation by asking this grieving mother a question that can only be interpreted as revealing a deeply held contempt for this country: “What does it say about this country that two young boys could even consider perpetrating such a crime?”

To maintain that this horrific murder is in some way indicative of something wrong with an entire nation suggests that Mr. Morgan holds a certain level of contempt for this country.  His protestations that he loves America are not enough to kill that nagging suspicion that in fact, he does not.  


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