Scarborough On Gun Vote: GOP 'Moving Toward Extinction'

Scarborough On Gun Vote: GOP 'Moving Toward Extinction'

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s token Republican, has used his platform on “Morning Joe” to push for gun legislation that many believe would infringe on Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights. He has often gone well beyond merely advocating his position and instead has used the issue to criticize, lambaste and decry conservatives, with many of whom he used to serve in congress.  

This morning, after the Toomey/Manchin background check amendment could not get enough votes in the Democrat-controlled Senate, Scarborough ranted against his party and predicted their demise:  

Mark it down, this is going to be a turning point in the history of the Republican Party as well. And let those out there chattering, let them chatter away all they want to and scream like hyenas. … This party that killed this background check yesterday — this party is moving toward extinction. A new Republican Party is going to replace it. And this is going to be a vote that people will look back on and say, ‘That party, that extremism, that was unsustainable.’

A little perspective: Mr. Scarborough has not run for office since 2000.  Given the fact that he has not had to face voters as a Republican in over a decade, he might not be the most valuable advisor for the future of the Republican Party.

Watch the segment here:


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