Ratings: Fox Number One In All Cable, MSNBC Collapses

Ratings: Fox Number One In All Cable, MSNBC Collapses

In all of cable, not just cable news, Fox News was the most-watched channel throughout all of last week. During the Boston bombings and subsequent manhunt, the new “Most Trusted Name In News” averaged 2.874 million viewers during primetime, and 1.77 million in total day.

CNN came in a distant third with 1.985 million and 1.329 million respectively. 

Because no one turns to left-wing talk radio when major news is breaking, MSNBC humiliated itself with a 19th place showing. Fewer than a million viewers tuned in in primetime, and fewer than 600,000 in total day. 

This is not a small deal, either. Once upon a time CNN was America’s news outlet when major news broke. Even as Fox has overtaken CNN in recent years, that dynamic would flip during major news events. Obviously, that is no longer the case.

CNN certainly didn’t help their situation throughout last week as the network became a laughingstock over flubs both big and small.

MSNBC, obviously, is paying for a choice they made long ago to get out of the news business. Today the network is nothing more than left-wing talk radio with video and smug hosts, many of whom are starting to all look alike.

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