Random House Pushes Anti-Ailes, Fox News Screed Publishing Date to 2014

Random House Pushes Anti-Ailes, Fox News Screed Publishing Date to 2014

Gabriel Sherman, the anti-Fox writer funded by George Soros who has been accused of stalking Roger Ailes’s family while writing a book to advance liberal memes about Ailes and Fox News, has had the May 21 publishing date for his forthcoming book pushed back to January 14, 2014. 

Sarah Weinman, the news editor for Publishers Marketplace, tweeted the news from her verified Twitter account on Tuesday. The book, The Loudest Voice In The Room, originally had a May 21 publishing date but is now listed on Amazon with the updated January 14 release date. 

A Random House spokesperson told Weinman that Sherman was “finishing up” his book, and “January 2014 presented” the best “timing to publish.”

Breitbart News has extensively documented how Sherman, a writer who has been funded by George Soros, has an anti-Fox agenda, was losing ground to rival reporters on what is purportedly his bread-and-butter beat, and has even been accused of stalking Roger Ailes’s family.

As Breitbart News reported, the book’s “inside account” is meant to advance the liberal-left line that Fox News is “Faux News” and that “Ailes is nothing more than a hack Republican operative, and Rupert Murdoch is a cancer on the country.” 

A well-placed source close to Fox News told Breitbart News that Sherman was “Jayson Blair on steroids” and hopes that nobody in his “target audience–that is, liberals who hate Fox” will hold him accountable for his journalistic mishaps in writing his book. 

Recently, Pat Caddell, a former top Democrat adviser to President Jimmy Carter, ripped into Sherman and detailed his personal experiences with Sherman’s shenanigans and half-truths, some of the same tactics he has been accused of employing in his writings about Ailes. 

Ailes preempted Sherman’s book by giving an interview to Zez Chafetz for his book, Roger Ailes: Off Camera, which was released in March.


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