The Gun Control Poll That Might Finally Shut the Media Up

The Gun Control Poll That Might Finally Shut the Media Up

For weeks, the media pretended that poll after poll proving the American people were moving against stricter gun control simply didn’t exist. This included a Gallup poll that showed 96% of the American people did not consider gun control any kind of national priority. But media propaganda isn’t about reality; it is about the manufacturing of a reality. So the media-collective glommed on to flawed polls that showed upwards of 90% support for the tightening of background checks.

Clutching these 90% polls in a kind of death-grip, the media spent day after day pushing President Obama and DC lawmakers to “cede to the will of the people!” Then the bill failed; then the media recriminations began, led mainly by CNN’s Piers Morgan and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Even in the wake of the most devastating terror attack on American soil since 2001, the shameless media still refused to shut up about guns. It was obvious their egos were bruised. So if it wasn’t the outright demoagoguery coming from Morgan and Scarborough, it was shameless concern-trolling where the media claimed the GOP had committed electoral suicide with their choice to ignore the ninety-percent.



The end is nigh!

Except it’s not.

A poll released by none other than the Washington Post Wednesday is likely to finally put a stake in the heart of The Media Issue That Will Not Die.

According to the poll, only 47% of Americana are as angry or disappointed as the corrupt media. On the flip-side, 39% are happy the bill failed, 10% were “none/other,” and 3% had no opinion.

The poll not only blows a fatal hole in the lying media’s 90% Nonsense-Narrative; it also helps to explain why Piers Morgan is no longer bragging about his ratings. 


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