Buzzfeed Promotes Shepard Fairey's Anti-NRA Poster; Ignores Past Plagiarism

Buzzfeed Promotes Shepard Fairey's Anti-NRA Poster; Ignores Past Plagiarism

Buzzfeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro seems pretty impressed with artist Shepard Fairey. His post announcing the “Hope” poster creator’s latest bit of propaganda attacking the NRA reads like a press release.  

Artist Shepard Fairey will paper downtown D.C. Thursday with copies of a new work aimed at reigniting the push for gun control.

Fairey and hundreds of copies of a new version of his controversial “God Saves & Satan Invests” print focused on the National Rifle Association will be on hand at a rally sponsored by the progressive group Occupy The NRA. The orignal version of the work debuted last month and featured Fairey’s trademark “OBEY” where the letters “NRA” can be found on the new work.

What’s remarkable about Buzzfeed’s article is it neglects to inform its readers about one of the most important and relevant facts about Fairey: He very recently settled a plagiarism suit over his Obama “Hope” poster and pled guilty to contempt of court for, “destroying documents and manufacturing evidence” during the plagiarism investigation.

Why would Buzzfeed not point out these relevant facts about the “artist”? Maybe because they were too busy promoting the poster hammering the NRA because it fits with their obvious editorial agenda

Here’s your very own look at Shepard’s propaganda poster: 


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