CBS Invites America-Bashing Psy to White House Correspondents Dinner

CBS Invites America-Bashing Psy to White House Correspondents Dinner

Saturday night the beautiful-ugly people from media, Hollywood, and politics are scheduled to converge in the smallest, most elite, and corrupt bubble of the season: The White House Correspondents Dinner. E! will broadcast live, security will ensure the oh-so precious remain secure, and of course there will be swag.

This is the elites big “F**K You” to America — the one night where the one-percent of the one-percent stop pretending to be something they are not and openly lord their backslapping, inbred, insufferably smug moral corruption over those of us stuck in the cheap seats of a failed economy they refuse to acknowledge exists.

And I sure hope Obama’s throne has a new coat of varnish, because it is about to get kissed like a Catholic Cross on Good Friday.

Courtesy of CBS News, Korean pop star Psy will be there. Because nothing qualifies you as a member of the media/Hollywood/DC elite faster than being a one-hit wonder who openly called for the death of American troops serving in Iraq.

Why not take it to the next logical step and invite Bill Ayers, or someone who’s palled around with Bill Ayers? Oh, that’s right…

The proceedings start tonight, probably after sunset. Wouldn’t do to have people exploding in their Armani.


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