Kansas Law: Federal Agents To Be Prosecuted for Enforcing Federal Gun Control Laws

Kansas Law: Federal Agents To Be Prosecuted for Enforcing Federal Gun Control Laws

The Hill reports that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback just signed into law a statute that “bars the federal government from regulating guns and ammunition manufactured and stored within Kansas state lines.”

Moreover, the new law makes it a felony for federal authorities to attempt to enforce federal gun control laws, treaties, or rules related to firearms within Kansas state lines. Federal agents would not be arrested but will be prosecuted on “a complaint-and-summons basis.”

Naturally, U.S. Attorney general Eric Holder is furious. Already he has sent a letter to Brownback promising, “The United States will take all appropriate action, including litigation if necessary, to prevent the State of Kansas from interfering with the activities of federal officials enforcing the law.”

Holder cites the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause, which gives supremacy to federal laws over state laws.

Kansas, however, is citing the Interstate Commerce Clause, “contending that Washington has no right to regulate guns that were made in Kansas and never cross state lines.”

The play Kansas is making is to keep its gun business within the state, which they believe nullifies the federal government’s legal right to regulate. Guns and ammunition would be manufactured, stored, and sold only in Kansas.

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, a former constitutional law professor, helped to write the law and says that the bill is not symbolic; it was written carefully and with the purpose of surviving a court challenge.  

Using cherry-picked suspect polls, Democrats and their media have now entered month six of a relentless, self-defeating campaign. So bitter and humiliated are they over the Senate loss of Toomey-Manchin, they have forgotten that the gun debate is always a plus for Republicans and a loser for Democrats.

For proof of how badly the political right wants to keep the gun control issue alive, look no further than the law the state of Kansas just passed to intentionally provoke this fight. Furthermore, look at the flurry of similar bills currently being proposed in 28 states.


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