Media Will Either Ignore or Destroy Benghazi Whistleblowers

Media Will Either Ignore or Destroy Benghazi Whistleblowers

On September 11, 2012, an al-Qaeda affiliated terror group operating in Libya launched a massive, hours-long attack on our consulate in Libya. When it was all over, four Americans were dead, including an American ambassador. For the two weeks that followed, and for purposes of winning re-election, President Obama and his Administration brazenly lied about the attack — and the media just as brazenly let him.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, and for two full weeks at the height of a presidential campaign, we were not only told by the Obama Administration that a YouTube video had instigated everyday protesters to spontaneously launch the attack, but that there was no evidence pointing to anything about a terror attack. The media knew the White House was lying, but still they vigorously protected the president in order to keep his re-election on track. The media went even further than ignoring the cover up; they became co-conspirators by viciously attacking Mitt Romney whenever he brought the issue up.

Seven months later, we now have “whistleblowers” scheduled to come before Congress to potentially spill some fairly damaging facts. But even with Obama safely re-elected, do not expect the media to behave any better.

If anything, the media has even more to protect today than they did last September. Obama might not have to face another re-election, but a scandal could snuff out any chance of his enacting a second-term agenda the media is pretty much in love with. Moreover, some of the damaging testimony looks as though it could land at the feet of former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Because the media sees her as winning the presidency in 2016, there is absolutely no way they are going to allow the deaths of a few Americans get in the way of those grand plans.

Finally, this time the media also has itself to protect. As an institution, and with a few notable exceptions, the media was as big a factor in the Libya cover-up as the White House. This means that if a legitimate scandal is allowed to develop around the September 11 anniversary attack, the media’s already tarnished credibility would take yet-another hit after they spent months reassuring American voters there was nothing to see here.

With so much on the line, including their previous Libya Narrative, that only leaves the media two options when it comes to the upcoming testimony of the Benghazi whistleblowers. One option is to ignore and/or downplay the testimony. But if that is not possible, the only other option will be to personally destroy the whistleblowers in order to undermine their credibility.

We have already seen what the media is willing to do to attack private citizens who simply dare to show support for a Republican. So let us hope that these whistleblowers understand what is coming and are emotionally prepared for it.


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