AP: Many Will Have Insurance Cancelled Due to ObamaCare

AP: Many Will Have Insurance Cancelled Due to ObamaCare

In a classic case of “now you tell me,” the Associated Press reports today that a whole swath of people who like their health insurance might be losing it. You see, ObamaCare requires all Americans get the equivalent of a Cadillac health plan. Millions of us don’t have Cadillac plans, which means that we are about to be in violation of government policy.

State insurance regulators say many people who buy their own health insurance could get surprises this fall: cancellation notices because their policies aren’t up to the basic standards of President Barack Obama’s overhaul.

These people, and some small businesses, will have to find replacement plans _ and that has some state officials worried about consumer confusion.

The changes don’t seem to square with one of the president’s promises: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.”

Can you believe this is happening in America? The government is telling us what kind of health insurance coverage we have to purchase.

Naturally, this is nothing more than a disguise for Obama’s wealth distribution scheme. He forces the young and healthy to buy coverage they don’t need in order to subsidize Cadillac coverage for those who neither need it or can afford it.

This is also a classic case of the media making sure they are on the record reporting something, but only doing so after it is too late to hurt their big government agenda. The media wanted ObamaCare to pass, so the media refused to do any kind of reporting like this when it might have derailed the legislation before it became law.

Four years after passage, though, the Associated Press decides to pretend they are real reporters. The same thing is going to happen if this new immigration reform package passes. Five years from now the AP will report, “Border Not Closed as Promised.” This is what happens when the government and media are both liars and become one.

The closer of this AP piece is especially hilarious. We are assured that those who lose their insurance “won’t object once they realize that the new coverage they will get is better than current bare-bones plans.”

I know this is hard for some on the left to believe, but some of us don’t want all the bells and whistles, or all the added expense that comes with the bells and whistles. And what I know no one on the left understands is that even if it is “good for me,” because we are Americans, we don’t like the government suddenly being allowed to tell us we have to buy something simply because we exist.


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