Fox News Rejects Holder's Off-The-Record Meeting

Fox News Rejects Holder's Off-The-Record Meeting

Fox News will join the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post in rejecting Attorney General Eric Holder’s invitation to an off-the-record meeting that would deal with the Department of Justice’s guidelines for handling leak investigations. 

The news organizations are balking because Holder wants the meeting to be off-the-record. The Washington Post and Politico said they would still attend the meeting, while ABC said it will attend and “press for that conversation to be put on the record.”

On Wednesday, Fox anchor Bret Baier said: “The purpose of this according to the Justice Department was to discuss ways forward as far as leak investigations and how to deal between the Justice Department, the FBI and the media. And the question is whether on the record is what it needs to be.”

“I think our news executives — our executives at Fox News channel are making the determination right now. We expect a decision within the next hour or so,” he explained. “These meetings are scheduled to start as early as tomorrow and they’re expected to go, a few of them into next week.”


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