Limbaugh Advertisers Return

Limbaugh Advertisers Return

After talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh mocked left-wing/birth control activist Sandra Fluke as a “slut” (something for which he later apologized) the organized left thought they could finally silence The Most Listened To Talk Show Host in America by picking off his advertisers. The boycott, organized mostly by theleft-wing Media Matters, can now officially be called a failure with the newsthat advertisers have not only returned, but that the show is pacing ahead of last year:

Rush Limbaugh’s distributor on Thursday said there is no denying the conservative radio host’s controversial comments about Sandra Fluke hurt advertising last year — but 2013 is apparently a whole different ballgame.

This year, Limbaugh is drawing new advertisers and recovering well after the major boycott he faced in response to his broadcasts on Fluke, Premiere Radio senior vice president and director of talk radio sales Dan Metter told the Talkers New York 2013 conference.

According to Metter, advertising is “pacing ahead of this time last year.”


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