Media Fail: Smith & Wesson Stock, Sales Soar

Media Fail: Smith & Wesson Stock, Sales Soar

Gun maker Smith & Wesson hit a revenue record during their last fiscal year, which ended April 30. Preliminary numbers show that sales were up 43% over the previous year and hit $580 million. CNN Money reports that, “Earnings were a record $1.22 a share, up from 40 cents a share in the prior fiscal year.”

It is hard to judge who Smith & Wesson should thank most: Gun-grabber President Obama, murdered-child-exploiter Piers Morgan, or insufferable-sell-out Joe Scarborough. Or maybe the gun maker should just send a big fat bouquet to all of the media:

JournOlist HQ 

Hollowed-Out Volcano Lane

Water Carrier, DC 66666

Actually, Smith & Wesson should be and likely is grateful to a nation of Americans who instinctually understand and appreciate their God-give right to not be bossed around, intimidated, or swayed by a bunch of hypocritical, bossie-pants fascists who hide behind armed guards in secured high-rises.


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