O'Reilly: MSNBC Ratings Collapse 'Unglues' Chris Matthews

O'Reilly: MSNBC Ratings Collapse 'Unglues' Chris Matthews

Red State’s Erick Erickson and the Media Research Center’s Tim Graham joined Bill O’Reilly for an entertaining look at how a 20% ratings collapse has affected MSNBC’s approach to programming. Chris Matthews, specifically, has gone even further off the rails with his personal attacks against Bill O’Reilly and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Matthews compared Cruz to anti-Semitic Father Coughlin and claimed that Bill O’Reilly, Cruz and other conservatives have “black Irish” features.

It isn’t just the drop in ratings worrying MSNBC; it is also the drop in Obama’s ratings as this pile-on of scandals takes a toll on Obama’s job approval numbers, credibility, and his agenda.

All of Obama’s MSNBC minions and all of Obama’s Tweety McTingles’ are frustrated at not being able to put Obama back together again.


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