Media Fail: Poll Shows Obama Lost Public Trust

Media Fail: Poll Shows Obama Lost Public Trust

While our corrupt media has done its best to turn the page on Barack Obama’s myriad of scandals, the deep-dive numbers in a new Fox News poll are absolutely devastating for the president. These numbers also reflect what we are seeing in other polls and Obama’s overall approval ratings — though the media are willfully ignoring reporting on both.

In a Fox News column looking at the public’s growing distrust of Obama, Chris Stirewalt extrapolated these brutal numbers:

— 56 percent of voters believe Obama did not try to rescue the doomed garrison in Benghazi, Libya because he didn’t want to risk his re-election.

— 62 percent agree that Obama’s NSA phone surveillance constitutes “an unacceptable and alarming invasion of privacy rights.”

— 63 percent believe that Obama’s Justice Department seized reporter’s records for political reasons, compared to 29 percent who take the administration’s national security argument to be true.

— 68 percent believe that the White House isn’t telling the truth about the targeting of the president’s political enemies by the IRS. Just 24 percent believe the White House line that Team Obama neither directed nor was aware of the targeting.

— 74 percent said that when it comes to openness and transparency, the Obama administration is either the same or worse than George W. Bush’s administration.

The first number, showing a full 56% believe Obama ignored the pleas for help from our diplomats in Libya for political purposes, is a mind-blower. It also proves that the mainstream media’s attempt to downplay the scandal, and to vigorously fight against the truth getting out, is simply not working.

The number showing that a full 62% oppose Obama’s NSA surveillance directly contradicts the false narrative crafted over last weekend that saw the media come out in full-force to declare the public either backed or were divided on the issue.

The numbers surrounding the IRS scandal and the Justice Department’s attempt to criminalize journalism goes a long way towards explaining why the media have all but stopped reporting on both. The damage, however, might already be irreversible.

Obama always was a false creation crafted by himself and his lapdog media, and one whose approval numbers always defied gravity when compared to his record — especially his miserable economic record.

Caught completely off guard by a handful of scandals they did not break, the media had no choice but to report the facts for a couple of short weeks. But if these Fox numbers are correct, that was all it took to finally knock the mask off of this fraud of a president.

It will be interesting to see if Obama’s media minions can rehabilitate him after all of this.

Regardless, you just know the media are looking at these numbers and regretting all that journalism they accidentally committed for a whole two weeks out of five years.

And you can bet they won’t be making that mistake again.


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