As Obama Poll Numbers Drop, Media Turn Against Glenn Greenwald

As Obama Poll Numbers Drop, Media Turn Against Glenn Greenwald

When it comes to protecting President Obama and the left-wing agenda, we have seen the media turn against its own before. Bob Woodward felt the wrath of his colleagues after popping the balloon of Obama’s dishonest sequester narrative; and after numerous errors, the one that almost finally did Howard Kurtz in was the one aimed at the media’s politically correct sacred cow of the week. Now it looks to be Glenn Greenwald’s turn.

The recent collapse of Obama’s poll numbers (and with it, much of his agenda) seems directly tied to Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker currently on the run after dropping a bomb on the troubling and hypocritical scope of the Obama administration’s domestic spying. The Guardian’s Greenwald broke that story and has check-mated the Obama administration with follow-ups ever since.   

Between Greenwald’s ongoing scoops contradicting the White House, and Snowden sucking the air out of the media while making the administration look feckless, this is a rolling disaster for Obama with no end in sight.

Sunday, some in media decided it was time to go hard after Greenwald, with open accusations of criminality coming from no less than NBC’s David Gregory and Chuck Todd.

On “Meet the Press,” host David Gregory gave Greenwald no benefit of the doubt: “To the extent that you have aided and abetted Snowden,” Gregory asked the reporter, “even in his current movements, why shouldn’t you, Mr. Greenwald, be charged with a crime?”

Though it went unnoticed, later in the show, NBC’s Chuck Todd seemed to pick up right where Gregory left off:

Glenn Greenwald, how much was he involved in the plan. It’s one thing as a source, but what was his role — did he have a role simply beyond being a receiver of this information; and is he going to have to answer those questions. You know, this is a point of law — he’s a lawyer — he attacked the premise of your [Gregory’s] question, he didn’t answer it.

The once-legendary The Washington Post piled on Monday, asking if Greenwald had “become something other than a reporter?

Although Greenwald has appeared frequently on TV to plead Snowden’s case as a whistleblower — an advocacy role many mainstream journalists would be uncomfortable with — there is no evidence that he has helped Snowden evade U.S. authorities who are now seeking Snowden’s arrest. …

Since we are talking about something there is “no evidence” of, I would like to make clear that there is no evidence the Washington Post is running a child sexual slavery ring out of its headquarters. None. Not a shred.

Something else we need to be clear about is just how selective this media outrage is. If the media truly are concerned with bias and wrongdoing within its own ranks, how about the fact that NBC News has now been caught seven times selectively editing photos, audio, and video — and always in a  way that either benefits Obama or the left’s latest narrative rampage.

As of yet, though, we have seen no unified media outrage against NBC.

No, for some reason that unified outrage is always saved for the Woodwards, Kurtzs, and Greenwalds — those who dare challenge Obama, or anything else the left consider precious.


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