Dyson: 'Zimmermans of the World' Get Away with 'Killing of our Children'

Dyson: 'Zimmermans of the World' Get Away with 'Killing of our Children'

MSNBC pundit Michael Eric Dyson appeared on the Martin Bashir Show Tuesday and stoked racial unrest by claiming that, if George Zimmerman is acquitted, it sends the message that “the children of poor and people of color in this country do not have the same quality of justice as given to those who are able to muster up resources and defend themselves against such a charge.”

The hysteria flowing through the microphones of MSNBC appears to suggest that even the hard left is preparing for an acquittal in the murder trial that was forced through the Florida justice system, in part, due to the agitating of the cable network and its hosts. The fact that Dyson is already projecting the worst-case-scenario racial and societal ramifications of an acquittal proves that even this race-baiter knows that the prosecution’s case has been a disaster. 

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