Washington Post: Trayvon 'African American', Zimmerman 'White Father'

Washington Post: Trayvon 'African American',  Zimmerman 'White Father'

In the media’s continuing zeal to insert a racial narrative into an event where no evidence of any kind exists that points to race as a factor, as late as Monday, The Washington Post refused to identify George Zimmerman as Hispanic. Instead, the Post writes, “Zimmerman, who has a white father and a Peruvian mother[.]”

In the very same sentence, however, Trayvon Martin is correctly identified as “African American.”

Throughout the 15-month Zimmerman saga, the mainstream media has repeatedly played every trick imaginable to create the false impression that the story is a white versus black issue: The term “white Hispanic” was invented by numerous news outlets; NBC fraudulently edited videotape; The New York Times quickly did the same; NBC anchors have held racially-charged rallies, and CNN falsely accused Zimmerman of calling Trayvon a “f**king coon” (he actually said “f**king cold”).

Other than inflammatory media rhetoric backed by fraud, thus far nothing concrete has been found that points to race being a factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. This includes Zimmerman’s background, which, in fact, points to the exact opposite.  


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