Poll: 'Modest Public Interest' In Zimmerman Trial

Poll: 'Modest Public Interest' In Zimmerman Trial

One of the first polls is out involving the trial of George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin, and what it shows is a dramatic lack of interest among the public. Only 26% of the public followed the trial “very closely,” which ranks it below various developments in media stories that swirled around O.J. Simpson, Rodney King, Henry Gates, and Amadou Diallo.

A full 70% watched the King verdict “very closely”, 48% said the same about the arrest of Simpson. The verdict for Diallo and the Gates arrest attracted 28% and 30%, respectively.

As my colleague Larry O’Connor points out, the Pew poll does show a racial divide. Among blacks, 56% watched the trial very closely (compared to 20% of whites). However, this is still not as many blacks who followed the Simpson trial; that number reached 71%.

The poll seems to indicate that the Zimmerman trial failed to attract the interest of Americans anymore than any other top news story. Pew notes that, “While 26% of Americans say they followed news about the Zimmerman trial very closely about as many (24%) say they tracked news about a plane crash in San Francisco very closely.”

While much of the media remains obsessed with the Zimmerman trial a full three days after the verdict, the American people obviously don’t share that obsession.

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