Media Ignores Children Slain in Chicago During Course of Zimmerman Trial

Media Ignores Children Slain in Chicago During Course of Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman’s trial began on June 24 and ended with a “not guilty” verdict on July 13.  During that time period, three youths, younger that Trayvon Martin, were gunned down in Chicago, and the national media didn’t bat an eye.

According to Homicide Watch Chicago, on June 28, a five-year old boy was shot to death; his body was found “in a building on the South Side.”  

On July 3, 14-year old Damani Henard was “shot multiple times” outside a high school on the 5000 block of West North Avenue. His body was found lying by a bicycle.

On July 9, 15-year old Ed Cooper was gunned down after his father dropped him off to play basketball with his friends. According to reports, Cooper and his friends were standing together on a sidewalk when a gunman simply walked up and starting shooting. The 15-year old was shot while running away from the shooter. 

Although media outrage over George Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict has been ubiquitous–and this outrage has been shared by celebrities and persons like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson–no such outrage has been shown for the three persons younger than Trayvon Martin who were gunned down in Chicago while the Zimmerman trial was ongoing. 

No marches have taken place, Nancy Grace has not come unglued, and no mainstream media outlet has done an exposé on how gun control in Chicago has led to death on a sickening scale. 

Why don’t Chicago’s children count?

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