Huffington Post Poll Shows Media on Wrong Side of Zimmerman Debate

Huffington Post Poll Shows Media on Wrong Side of Zimmerman Debate

Wednesday Breitbart News reported on a Rasmussen poll that showed only 34% disagreed with the not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin. A Huffington Post/YouGov poll released the same day shows a nearly identical result: Only 38% would have found Zimmerman guilty. (41% would have acquitted, the rest are unsure — which legally means acquittal.)

This is a major blow to a mainstream media that for 15 months has almost uniformly called for Zimmerman’s head. This zeal has only increased a hundred-fold since the verdict Saturday. The poll not only proves that the media are on the wrong side of this debate but that after over a year of hysterical propaganda in the form of lies, race-baiting, fabricating evidence, and stripping Zimmerman of his Hispanic identity, the media were unable to move the needle to even 40%.

As I wrote yesterday, the implosion of the media’s credibility will not come all of a sudden. This is a slow-motion explosion that polls about the media prove is very real.

The media are slowly but surely marginalizing themselves, and with their credibility will go their ability to persuade. The media’s breathtaking irresponsibility in their uniform behavior towards the Zimmerman case is just another nail in the gilded, bubbled coffin they are fashioning for their elite selves.


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