ObamaCare Support Hits New Low of 58% Among Democrats

ObamaCare Support Hits New Low of 58% Among Democrats

Though ObamaCare has been unpopular in general for some time, even support among the President’s supporters is fading. A new Washington Post poll shows that only 58% of Democrats support what is now known as ObamaCare. According to the Post, this is the lowest level of Democrat support for the bill since it was passed.

Among all Americans, only 42% support the partisan bill, while a near-majority of 49% oppose. A majority of 51% do, however, support Obama’s decision to delay enforcement of the employer mandate for a full year.This mandate forces employers with over fifty full-time employees (30 hours or more) to either offer a Cadillac health insurance plan or pay a fine of around $2000 for each employee.

Though the Post describes it as the “unintended consequence” of ObamaCare, no one should call the consequences of the employer mandate surprising. For example, thanks to the President’s signature “achievement,” thousands of Virginia state workers, up to 10,000, are and could have their hours slashed as the state attempts to save the $110 million cost ObamaCare adds to the price (fines or Cadillac health insurance) of employing people full time.

This is a story being told locally across the country and just might explain why reasonable Democrats are waking up to Obama’s boondoggle, which was passed via procedural tricks on a purely partisan vote.

And just like the naïve Catholic hierarchy, after it might be too late, left-wing unions are also discovering they got hustled into supporting ObamaCare.


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