Poll: Only 32% Agree With Media on Immigration Reform

Poll: Only 32% Agree With Media on Immigration Reform

After going all in and being publicly humiliated in their hysterical push for gun control, the media are being a little more subtle and subdued in their push to pressure the House into passing the Senate’s ObamaCare-ish immigration reform bill. But a new Washington Post poll shows that the media are way out of step with the public on immigration reform. While 100% of the media pressure the House to pass the Senate bill, only 32% of the public want the same.

As a standalone, only a plurality of 46% support the Senate bill, while an almost equal number oppose it, 44% (the poll also shows the passion is with the opposition). As far as passing some sort of immigration reform through a piecemeal approach, a full 53% want the House to do that.

Like the media’s failed propaganda push surrounding the Trayvon Martin affair, this immigration poll shows how little influence the media have in swaying public opinion — at least on these issues. After fifteen months of demagoguery, fewer than 40% believed Zimmerman should have been found guilty, and only 24% believed race was an issue in the shooting.

Judging by their shrill coverage, all of the media believed George Zimmerman was a murdering racist.

It can also be said that, since the day after the 2012 presidential election, the media have been unified in their attempt to pressure Republicans to legalize millions of Democrat voters through the kind of comprehensive immigration reform just passed by the Senate.

But the Post poll shows that the GOP is on the right side of the issue (if they proceed cautiously with a piecemeal approach), and the media only have 32% of the public on their side.


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