Ted Cruz: Mainstream Media Like 'Timid,' 'House-Trained' Republicans

Ted Cruz: Mainstream Media Like 'Timid,' 'House-Trained' Republicans

On Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blistered the mainstream media for favoring Republicans who are docile and trained to parrot policy positions Democrats prefer.

“There are a lot of Democrats and folks in the media who like their Republicans timid and house-trained to just sit quietly in the corner, to accept losing, and to stand for nothing,” Cruz said on Sean Hannity’s radio show. Cruz said Americans are fed up with such Republicans who are no different from Democrats and offer no alternative. 

Hannity said Cruz was not one of those “house-trained” Republicans, and that is why the mainstream media is attacking him. He said Democrats and the mainstream media fear Cruz because he is a “strong conservative,” ‘knows the law,” is articulate and an intellectual. Hannity said that is a “combination” they “fear.”

Cruz made his remarks while the two were talking about de-funding Obamacare and the battle on the horizon over the continuing resolution. Cruz said any Republican that votes for the looming continuing resolution is “affirmatively voting to put money behind Obamacare.”

The current continuing resolution that was passed to fund the government expires on September 30.


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