Rush Limbaugh: I Admire Palin, Cruz for Being 'Fearless'

Rush Limbaugh: I Admire Palin, Cruz for Being 'Fearless'

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh named former Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as two conservatives that he admired.

Appearing on Fox News’ On The Record on TuesdayLimbaugh said he admired conservatives who are “bold enough and brave enough to speak about what they truly believe.” When asked by host Greta Van Susteren which conservatives in particular he respected, Limbaugh said, “Ted Cruz is one. Sarah Palin is another.”

Limbaugh said, “they have the courage of their convictions” and are fully willing to stand behind them. He also said he admired other conservatives who share those traits but only specifically mentioned Palin and Cruz. Earlier this year at CPAC, Cruz said he would not be in the Senate were it not for Palin’s endorsement during the Republican primary for his seat. 

The conservative icon said there is a “never-ending” battle between conservatives and the Republican establishment and talked about how Ronald Reagan, whom the Republican establishment tried to crush, is a real-life example of “what can be done and what happens when a prominent conservative triumphs.”


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