Al Qaeda Scoops Media on Fact They Are Not Decimated

Al Qaeda Scoops Media on Fact They Are Not Decimated

Once again, when it comes to President Obama and his administration, our media was struck dumb this week after being scooped on another major story. As we now know, it is almost never the American mainstream media breaking the big scoops surrounding anything that might embarrass this president; not the IRS scandal, not Benghazi, and not the NSA revelations. And now the media have been scooped by no less than al Qaeda with the major revelation that Obama’s repeated boasts about “decimating” the terror group were false.

It is all well and good that Chuck Todd, the Washington Post and others in media are now waking up to the fact that Obama was either exaggerating about having al Qaeda “on the run,” or was simply oblivious to their franchising efforts. But now that it is America “on the run” throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Americans don’t really need the media to report what is glaringly obvious.  

And does the media feel even a hint of shame now that a terrorist organization has scooped them on the rather important headline that al Qaeda is still viable, organized, a real threat, and apparently still led by longtime #2, Al Zawahiri (but-but-but Obama said al Qaeda’s leadership had been vaporized!) — especially when the media spent the last two years stenographing and applauding Obama’s repeated boasts?

Where was the skepticism about Obama’s brags? Where was the investigative reporting? Where was the pressing for details and answers and facts and figures from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney?

Obviously, there was none of that — or at least nowhere near enough of it — especially during an election year. But of course, there were other pressing issues during the 2012 campaign that the media felt were more important than verifying a sitting president’s election year fibbing about the status of al Qaeda.

After all, according to the media, what the voters really needed to know was not the actual status of the animals behind 9-11, but how Sandra Fluke would pay for her sexual habits, how many times the GOP could distance themselves from Todd Akin, the dog on Romney’s roof, a 25 year-old rock located on a ranch not owned by Rick Perry, a fifty year-old haircut, and helping Al Sharpton and Obama pull off another race hoax.

My God, not even a successful terror attack committed by al Qaeda affiliates in Libya could get the media to push the issue. In an obvious effort to pretend a statement about a successful terror attack was a bigger blunder than Obama not adequately protecting an American outpost, after four Americans were murdered in Benghazi, all the media did was to attack Mitt Romney for ten days

Last week the Boston Globe was sold at a 93% loss. Yesterday the Washington Post was sold for 13% of what it was worth a decade ago.

That is because another word for useless, is worthless.


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