Media Fail: 63% Want Congress to Keep Going After ObamaCare

Media Fail: 63% Want Congress to Keep Going After ObamaCare

One of the new talking points we are seeing throughout the mainstream media is a mocking “Here we go again” attack-narrative against the Republican Congress as they maneuver to defund ObamaCare, or work to kill various parts of ObamaCare. But a new poll shows that almost two-thirds of the American people want Congress to keep at it.

Fox News notes that when asked if the “health care law needs to be changed and Congress should keep at it, 63% said yes. That is up from 58% a year ago.”

Only 31% oppose.

Watching the news coverage these days, you get the sense that America is tired of Congress going after ObamaCare. But just the opposite is true. It is the media tired of seeing Congress go after ObamaCare — probably because they know that the publicity of the ongoing GOP effort only undermines the program further.

Put simply: Because the mainstream media want Obama and his signature piece of legislation to succeed, rather than report on this reality, the media instead fabricate a reality in which America agrees with them.

The rest of the poll is also bad news for Obama and the media. The president’s approval rating is upside down at a dismal 42% approve, 52% disapprove, and a full 57% believe the roll-out of ObamaCare has been — in the poll’s words — “a joke.”

Always remember that the mainstream media does not report reality; the media shapes reality — and it is almost always a lie.


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