Mark Levin: I'll Moderate 2016 Debate if RNC Asks

Mark Levin: I'll Moderate 2016 Debate if RNC Asks

This week, conservative scholar and talk radio host Mark Levin said he would accept an offer by the Republican National Committee to moderate a presidential debate during the 2016 cycle.

Last week, RNC communications director Sean Spicer appeared on The Wilkow Majority with guest host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, and said Levin was one of the people who should be asking questions at the debates instead of mainstream media journalists. 

After Breitbart News reported on the interview, the movement to allow conservatives like Levin to potentially moderate a debate picked up momentum and “took on life.” 

Levin, in comments picked up by The Right Scoop, said he was of two minds after reading the Breitbart News report about Spicer’s comments. He said he believed the RNC was either “sucking up” to him so he does not criticize them or actually serious. 

“I accept,” Levin said. “Yes, I’ll do it.”

He said he would like to ask Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, if he were to run, why he refused to sign a brief opposing Obamacare. Levin said he would also like to ask Christie why he was weak on border security, soft on the Ground Zero Mosque, favored gun control, and supported environmentalists. 

Levin said he would like to ask former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, if he were to run, if he felt there should be a “two Bush limit on the presidency” and why he “supports anarchy on the border” by promoting comprehensive immigration reform so fervently. 

The talk radio host said he still did not fully believe the RNC would actually extend an offer to him because the Republican establishment “buffoons” who are “destroying the Republican Party from within” loathe him. 

“You know how much they despise me,” Levin said. “I think I am hated more [at the Republican National Convention] than at the Democrat convention.”

“So yeah, I’m available [to moderate the debates],” Levin said. “I don’t believe it for two seconds.”


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