Tea Party-Bashing NPR Chief Paid Half-Million In Severance, Bonuses

Tea Party-Bashing NPR Chief Paid Half-Million In Severance, Bonuses

In a press release issued Friday, National Public Radio announced one of the largest staff cuts in its history; 10% of the organization’s 840 employees will be offered a voluntary buyout. The Washington Post reports that this is due to a “budding financial crisis,” including a $6.1 million deficit. Due to filing laws for non-profits, we also learned that the CEO in charge of NPR when her fundraisers, were caught on tape bashing the Tea Party, was paid over a half-million dollars in severance and bonuses.  

Currently, American taxpayers subsidize the left-wing NPR to the tune of around $450 million annually, some of which went to Vivian Schiller (pictured), the chief executive forced to resign in 2011 after two of her fundraisers were caught on tape denigrating the Tea Party, conservatives in general, and appearing to agree with the idea that Jews run the media.

Schiller was also criticized for firing Juan Williams after he expressed the shame he felt for worrying about flying with Muslims. Schiller attacked Williams, saying he should keep those thoughts between himself and “his psychiatrist or his publicist.”

Still, according to tax records, Schiller not only received $532,212 in severance in 2011, but a $5712 bonus.

Other executives also forced to resign were paid $246,319 and $872,189 in severance.

This post has been updated to correct a factual error. 


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