Support for Gun Control Plummets In Wake of Navy Shooting

Support for Gun Control Plummets In Wake of Navy Shooting

In a poll released Friday, Rasmussen reports that support for gun control is plummeting as opposition has risen. The poll was taken in the wake of Monday’s horrific Navy Yard massacre, and yet only 44% of those polled believe stricter gun controls are necessary-the lowest number in a year. A full 50%, however, believe that more gun laws are not necessary. Overall, only 33% believe increased gun control laws would have stopped the Navy Yard murders.

This is a startling turn of events, not only when you consider the media furor surrounding the recent mass-shootings, but that the mainstream media literally spent months in a relentless lobbying campaign to erode Americans’ Second Amendment civil rights. The media worked as hard to get control passed as they did to get Barack Obama elected and re-elected, and yet they have been trounced on this one.

It is obvious now that a sustained, months-long media push that involved every trick in the book simply didn’t work. The media threatened the jobs of politicians, attempted to demonize the NRA, and flooded the airwaves with emotional blackmail.

And yet, using alternate media, the other side’s argument has won out.

The media should worry when they go all in and lose so decisively.



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