Daily Beast's Tina Brown: Mitch McConnell is Rand Paul's 'Bitch'

Daily Beast's Tina Brown: Mitch McConnell is Rand Paul's 'Bitch'

During The Daily Beast’s annual Hero Summit, editor-in-chief Tina Brown unleashed a tirade of hate against the certain members of the GOP. The Hero Summit included an interview with Senator John McCain who also chimed in with some criticism of his own party.

Brown asked or asserted about the government shutdown:

 “The story of this political crisis is really, you know, the culpability not just of the Republican crazies, but of the Republican non-crazies. I mean, how do we get to the point where Mitch McConnell is Rand Paul’s bitch?…Why aren’t the moderate Republicans, you know, fighting back? We’re always saying why don’t, you know, the moderate Muslims fight jihad, but, you know, this is jihad.”

McCain responded:

What we’re doing, Tina, long-term is we’re really shaking people’s confidence in government. And if that’s the case, that has really long-term implications. Because I still think, as Churchill said, you know, “It’s the worst of all, but a better one hasn’t been invented.” And I really seriously – I joke about it, but I really worry a lot about it.




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