Mediaite's Tommy Christopher Asks Single Worst Question Ever at WH Press Briefing

Mediaite's Tommy Christopher Asks Single Worst Question Ever at WH Press Briefing

On Tuesday, some numbskull in the White House press department gave a credential to Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, who proceeded to disprove the axiom that there are no dumb questions. Pushing Obamacare and ripping Republicans like a good media plant, Christopher relied on his history of heart attacks to promote the president’s agenda in his question to press secretary Jay Carney:

First of all, I don’t if you’re aware of this, but when I had a heart attack three years ago, I was uninsured, and I haven’t been able to get insurance ever since then. Listening to all the pressure on the president to negotiate, a lot of it from inside this room, it made me think, is there a chance the president would be willing to delay Obamacare for a year if Republicans were to agree to delay heart attacks for a year?

Carney, befuddled by the stupidity of the question, went directly into auto-Obamacare mode, stating:

Tommy, you know the president’s position is that we need to implement the Affordable Care Act, and that when it comes to the millions of Americans across the country who have had a very hard time getting access to affordable health insurance, we need to focus on those folks and continue the business of implementing the Affordable Care Act so that on Jan. 1 those Americans will be able to purchase insurance, quality insurance at affordable rates for the first time.

Christopher wasn’t satisfied with that answer, however: he had a punch line, and like a pauper’s Rodney Dangerfield, he was going to deliver it:

Just for what it’s worth, I was able to enroll in the exchange about a week and a half ago. I haven’t picked a plan yet, though.

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