Obama's Favorite 'Conservative' Columnist: 'People Don't Know What's Best For Them'

Obama's Favorite 'Conservative' Columnist: 'People Don't Know What's Best For Them'

On Tuesday, President Obama’s favorite “conservative” columnist, Josh Barro of Business Insider, tweeted out that Obama’s lie that Americans could keep their insurance if they liked it was just fine, since Americans don’t know what’s best for them anyway:

He added:

According to former Obama top aide Tommy Vietor, President Obama likes reading columnists who pen “smart, nerdy stuff.” Included among his favorite columnists: Josh Barro.

Another one of Obama’s favorite columnists, New York’s Jonathan Chait, wrote a simpering ode to Barro back in May. In it, he termed Barro “the Loneliest Republican,” and suggested, “In person he comes across just as he does in prose–spare, direct, razor-sharp, and unremittingly rational…. even the brief arc of Barro’s young career–at National Review, then Forbes, and now Bloomberg View–displays a man losing all patience with the Republican Party. Over time, Barro’s writing has fitfully evolved from muted, oblique criticism to polite, persistent criticism to, finally, firm opposition.”

It’s safe to say that basing policy on the principle that government knows what is best for Americans is well outside the mainstream of conservative thought. But Barro doesn’t mind. He’s happy to term himself an “elitist”:

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