Politico: GOP Runs Segregationist Playbook to Sabotage ObamaCare

Politico: GOP Runs Segregationist Playbook to Sabotage ObamaCare

There is nothing funnier than a desperate Politico. The left-wing outlet has yet to really highlight Thursday’s NBC/WSJ poll showing Obama tanking, or the bombshell that only six people enrolled in ObamaCare on its launch day. What Politico is highlighting today, though, is their own personal four-alarm snit-fit that blames the GOP for running a “sabotage” campaign against ObamaCare–a campaign Politico claims mirrors “the Southern states’ defiance of the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954.”

This is not a Politico editorial, by the way. This is presented as news, written by a reporter. What is most amusing, though, is Politico’s hypocritical lack of self-awareness. Most every day and in every way Politico champions as righteous those who seek to undermine wildly popular laws requiring an ID to vote or restricting abortion after the first trimester. And if Politico ever compared those seeking to overturn America’s settled laws on marriage and immigration to segregationists, I must have missed it.

According to Politico, ObamaCare is the one law we must never fight to overturn.

After admitting the entire premise of their charge sounds “like a left-wing conspiracy theory,” Politico then tries to prove the conspiracy with what comes down to a shaming campaign. Politico really, really, really wants the GOP to salvage an entitlement program that was jammed through both Houses of Congress without a single Republican vote. Even though this entire boondoggle was passed with the partisan attitude of “we won,” Politico is now sniveling at the GOP because we won’t help to make it a success.

After ObamaCare was shoved down our throats, Politico believes it was then the Republican Party’s duty to swallow it, smile, and then spend a few trillion more dollars to turn what we believe will be a train wreck into an even bigger train wreck. You know, because it is good politics to offer support to something that is unpopular and likely to fail:

1. Spend trillions to expand Medicaid into all 50 states.

2. Let Obama make legislative changes to improve the law (even though he has suggested none).

3. Spend billions to promote signing up for ObamaCare.

Politico is even angry at Rush Limbaugh for not joining the collective and Darrell Issa for demanding the kind of transparency from the White House that the press corps always demand ….when a Republican is in office.


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