WaPo Lectures: Thanksgiving Kills Mother Earth

WaPo Lectures: Thanksgiving Kills Mother Earth

In what reads like something a satirist would compose to mock the hypocritical killjoys who infect the gaping wound that is the environmental movement, the Washington Post’s Brian Palmer devotes nearly a thousand words (and who knows how much carbon-based energy exhaust) to hector Americans for celebrating a holiday that he claims is akin to a toxic waste dump.  

“As you prepare to gather your family together for Thanksgiving,” WaPo lectures. “It’s worth taking a moment to consider the impact your meal will have on the Earth and the climate.”

The Post’s entire argument is based on the premise that the turkey, dressing, potatoes, and vegetables you consume are all derived from the evils of energy consumption.

“One cup of mashed potatoes will release approximately 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents,” we’re told. The news is even more alarming with that turkey, “[A] 31 / 2-ounce serving of turkey is responsible for approximately 2.4 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents, which is about the same as you produce by driving a car three miles.”

Well, gasp and egads.

Oddly enough, though, there is no research included in this report that reveals the carbon footprint of the Washington Post. I for one would like to know how much carbon the Post emitted simply to produce, publish, and post this warning about the environmental horrors of Thanksgiving.

Good heavens, think of the carbon emitted by those using energy to read it online; not to mention the carbon footprint required to power the Post newsroom, the printing press, and who knows how many vehicles that transport the Post’s left-wing nonsense … all across America.

And unlike Thanksgiving, the Washington Post ravages Mother Earth 365 days a week.


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