Shuster: MSNBC Suspended Me, Why Not Bashir?

Shuster: MSNBC Suspended Me, Why Not Bashir?

David Shuster took to Twitter to hammer MSNBC and his old boss Phil Griffin for giving Martin Bashir a free pass after his disgusting comments about Sarah Palin last week. 

The liberal commentator and journalist has a pretty good working knowledge of MSNBC’s policies regarding on-air conduct. Shuster was suspended from the peacock cable outlet during his tenure as a reporter and fill-in anchor. 

He was suspended after he engaged in a Twitter war with Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe over the latter’s arrest in New Orleans during an investigation of Sen. Mary Landrieu. 

He was also suspended for saying Chelsea Clinton was being “pimped out” by the Hillary Clinton campaign for the 2008 Democratic Nomination for President. 

So one can understand his bewilderment over the fact that Martin Bashir received absolutely no disciplinary action from Griffin for suggesting someone should defecate and urinate in the mouth of Sarah Palin: 


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