Reporter Mocks Suicide of Katherine Harris' Husband

Reporter Mocks Suicide of Katherine Harris' Husband

Michelle R. Jones is the Director of Breaking News for the Alabama Media Group. When the tragic news broke earlier this week that the husband of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris had committed suicide, Jones tweeted out a link to the left-wing Talking Points Memo article reporting what had happened, and added the hashtag “#hangingchad:

Some media analysts and individuals on Twitter questioned the appropriateness of joking about such a thing. Jones disputes that the hashtag was meant to be mockery.

Katherine Harris has been demonized by many on the left, and even  portrayed as the “villainess” of the 2000 presidential Florida recount.

The “hanging chad” on the paper ballots, famously hand-counted to discern a winner, eventually became a part of the language surrounding the recount.


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