Palin: Media Elite 'Pooh-Pooh,' Laugh Off Attacks on Conservative Women

Palin: Media Elite 'Pooh-Pooh,' Laugh Off Attacks on Conservative Women

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blasted the hypocrisy of the mainstream media elite for brushing off vile attacks against conservative women in an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Host Chris Wallace asked Palin about MSNBC host Martin Bashir’s suggestion that someone should defecate and urinate in her mouth, and she said MSNBC “is condoning those types of statements because there has been no punishment of the fella who’s said those words.”

She said such hypocrisy is a “given when a conservative women” is attacked, and the media elite just “pooh-pooh it, laugh it off.” 

Palin mentioned that even though Bashir got so offended that she compared the federal debt to slavery in its plain, non-racial meaning, Bashir has “invoked the analogy of slavery” as well, emphasizing that the definition of slavery is being “beholden to a master.” Wallace agreed that Palin’s comparison of the debt to slavery was “unobjectionable.”

As for personally taking shots like that, Palin said she had a choice of becoming “bitter” or “better.” She said she does not have to accept Bashir’s “vile” and “evil” remarks and can “move on” and “charge forth.”

Palin did warn those in the “media elite bubble” that they better not attack someone who is “defenseless like a vulnerable child.” Palin’s son Trig, who has Down Syndrome, has often been ridiculed by the mainstream media elite that she often denounces. 

“Well, if you wanna see a mamma grizzly get riled up and slap that person down, then you come after a vulnerable child,” Palin said. “In this case, he didn’t come after a vulnerable child. I can defend myself. I can take it.”

In a letter that her political action committee, SarahPAC, wrote to MSNBC President Phil Griffin and NBC News President Deborah Turness, which Breitbart News exclusively obtained last week, SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford pointed out MSNBC’s hypocrisy for not disciplining Bashir, even though Bashir made his comments on air while Alec Baldwin, whom the network suspended for two weeks, made the anti-gay comments for which he got punished off the air. 

“You fired Don Imus for offensive language in describing the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball team, you suspended Alec Baldwin, and yet nothing has happened to Mr. Bashir,” the letter reads. “Are we to assume then, that disciplinary procedures at your network take place based on the target of the remarks rather than the remarks themselves?”

The letter concludes by saying, “Americans deserve to know that your network doesn’t condone violent and hateful rhetoric directed at anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or political persuasion.”


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