CBS News: White House Knows Millions More Insurance Cancellations Coming

CBS News: White House Knows Millions More Insurance Cancellations Coming

The CBS This Morning segment opened with Charlie Rose telling viewers, “CBS News is learning that another promise by the government isn’t holding up. Some who get their insurance through work are losing their coverage.” And it only got worse from there.

“We learned that the government estimated all along,” Sharyl Attkisson reports, “that millions of workers will be dropped from their employee insurance under [ObamaCare], and for some it is already happening.”

After telling the story of two small business owners (one once featured in a pro-ObamaCare ad), forced by ObamaCare price spikes to drop coverage for their employees, Attkisson plays a montage of clips featuring White House spokesman Jay Carney.  Again and again, while trying to contain the fallout from President Obama lying about being able to keep your insurance, Carney assures Americans that those who get health insurance through their employers have absolutely nothing to worry about. But…

“…in 2010,” Attkisson reveals. “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service estimated that ObamaCare would collectively reduce the number of people with employer-sponsored health coverage by about 14 million.'”

This is the first time I am aware of that anyone in the mainstream media has reported on the fact that the employer-market is about to get walloped by Obamacare, and that the Obama administration knows this and has known it for over three years.

When President Obama said you can keep your health insurance, he lied. And when the White House tried to contain the damage from that lie with the claim that these cancellations would only hit 5% of the public in the individual health insurance market, that was nothing more than another lie.

Other government documents show that as many as 80 million policies in the employer market could be canceled.


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