November Ratings: Fox News Crushes Left-Wing CNN, MSNBC

November Ratings: Fox News Crushes Left-Wing CNN, MSNBC

In the month of November, it wasn’t even close. Fox News not only humiliated its left-wing competition at MSNBC and CNN, the Fair and Balanced network also dominated cable as a whole. Other than ESPN, not a single one of the nearly 100 cable channels drew more viewers than Fox, and Fox also beat MSNBC and CNN combined in total and demo viewers:


Primetime (Mon-Sun): 481,000 Total Viewers / 153,000 A25-54

Total Day (Mon-Sun): 335,000 Total Viewers / 100,000 A25-54


Primetime (Mon-Sun): 645,000 Total Viewers / 190,000 A25-54

Total Day (Mon-Sun): 401,000 Total Viewers / 124,000 A25-54

Fox News:

Primetime (Mon-Sun): 2,011,000 total viewers / 348,000 A25-54

Total Day (Mon-Sun): 1,201,000 total viewers / 248,000 A25-54

Compared to this same month last year (an election year), it is no surprise that Fox News has lost viewers. But its erosion is nothing compared to its left-wing counterparts at MSNBC and CNN.


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