CNN Money: Phil Robertson Said 'Controversial' Things About Blacks, Too

CNN Money: Phil Robertson Said 'Controversial' Things About Blacks, Too

In the middle of a January 2nd article describing the release of the new line of Duck Commander guns, CNN Money told readers: “Phil Robertson… was recently suspended–and reinstated–by A&E after making controversial statements about gay people and [blacks].”

This is a classic, doomed attempt to resuscitate a character assassination that did not work the first time around. 

Breitbart News has already shown that what Robertson said about gay people was simply a recitation of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 in the Bible. And that’s why he refused to recant: it was an expression of his faith. 

Regarding blacks, Robertson talked of growing up and working in the fields of Louisiana with black people. He said he remembers how happy they were, and he credited their happiness to the fact that “they were godly.”

Is it “controversial” to notice when people are happy or godly?

Robertson also pointed out that he does not remember seeing racial tensions between blacks and whites as they worked side-by-side in the fields. And he believes this is because it was “pre-entitlement” and “pre-welfare.” In other words, it was before politicians began pitting one class against another–and one race against another–to garner votes. 

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