Left-wing PolitiFact Blasts Maddow for Koch Bros. Smear

Left-wing PolitiFact Blasts Maddow for Koch Bros. Smear

Last Thursday, MSNBC’s Maddow attacked the Kochs for being behind a Florida law that would mandate drug testing for welfare recipients. However, Maddow’s logic is so twisted and contrived in making that connection that you can just as easily make the case that MSNBC backed the same law.

Despite the truth, Maddow still stands by her smear. Now, though, she has to deal with the fact that her ideological comrades at PolitiFact have rated her claim as mostly false.

Make no mistake, PolitiFact is a phony fact-check site, and I am not going to pretend otherwise just because they went after one of their own on the left. The news here is that in order to pose as objective, every once in a while PolitiFact has to take a high-profile swing at a left-winger. In order to do this, PolitiFact picks low-hanging fruit to criticize, like Obama’s “you can keep your insurance” lie or Maddow’s absurd attack on the Koch brothers.  


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